Victoria Muthoni Tswamuno


Victoria Muthoni Tswamuno is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree at Columbia School of Social Work and is entering her second and final year of study. Her concentration is Social Enterprise Administration and she is also a Management Fellow. Her research interests include identifying and addressing social issues that impact economic equity and advancement of women in the world especially Africa. Victoria has also worked tirelessly to advocate for women’s ability to access education and to be allowed to choose their career path without gender being a barrier to who or what they should become. Victoria is interested in identifying the correlations between women’s empowerment issues and man’s issues addressed in unison and how that impacts adolescent and youth development as well as economic growth and development of a society. With her understanding that the environment plays a significant role in an individual’s trajectory, Victoria strongly believes that addressing women’s empowerment issues as well as addressing man’s issues will be an effective way to build a stronger more supportive structure for our youth who are the future. Victoria strongly believes that inclusion, understanding and acceptance of diversity is one of the greatest tools needed to solve some of the world’s biggest and most challenging problems.