Tyler Isaiah Campbell


Tyler Campbell is a writer, media maker, and activist hailing from the city of Philadelphia. He is currently a sophomore at Columbia University, double majoring in Creative Writing and African-American Studies. Through his work as a poet and activist, Tyler uses his voice to offer analytical insights that aim to elevate the stories of those that often go unseen and unheard. His interests include Black cultural politics, urbanity, popular culture, and literature. At the heart of all his projects is a commitment to unpacking the nuances of Black life in America as portrayed through art and cultural production, while also engaging questions about human intentionality, identities, and cultural history.

At present, Tyler is a Laidlaw Scholars Fellow working to produce independent research on physical discipline in Black families and is the current Historian and Head of Archives for Columbia University’s Black Student Organization. He is the lead culture writer and resident poet for Columbia’s affiliated publication The Change Up, and self-published his debut chap book, ​What Would Malcolm X Do with an IPhone?