Nathan Aguilar

Doctoral Student

Nathan Aguilar is an incoming doctoral student at Columbia University's School of Social Work. For the past five years he’s been working with gang and justice involved youth in Chicago providing restorative justice, strength based and harm reduction focused service. He has extensive experience facilitating groups in community and institutional settings and providing clinical support to youth and families who have been victimized by gun violence. His work in Chicago has grown his desire to learn more about violence prevention and reconciliation. Specifically, he has developed an interest in research pertaining to interruptions in criminal behavior for populations who have been shot and/or involved in the justice system. He wants to study interventions that address: antisocial thinking, antisocial behavior and reducing trauma/grief symptomatology while keeping this population in their communities. He is looking to understand how we can use artificial intelligence and predictive analysis as intervention tools for community led organizations and service providers to prevent violence, recidivism and early death. Lastly, Nathan is passionate about reconciliation and interventions that promote healing between victims and offenders, short/long standing community disputes, and understanding how victims and families create meaning in the aftermath of tragedy.

  • M.S.W., Social and Economic Development, Research Specialization, Washington University in St. Louis
  • B.S., Business Administration, University of Colorado - Denver