Becky Inkster


Dr. Becky Inkster is a mental health neuroscientist with a strong passion for serving the public and society. She seeks to find innovation using her skills across the fields of genomics and molecular biology (Oxford University; University of Toronto), neuroimaging (Imperial College London; GlaxoSmithKline; Kings College London), epidemiology, Big Data project management (£5.3m; NSPN) and public health (Cambridge University).

In recent years, she has expanded her interests to examine how social media data could be used in positive ways to help develop innovative strategies for mental health interventions, preventive measures and identifying risks in digital data. Dr. Inkster is particularly passionate about working with disadvantaged groups: the underserved, the underdog, the underbelly and the underground to learn lessons about resilience and overcoming environmental risks and social adversity. Dr. Inkster is also a co-founder (with Dr. Akeem Sule) of the social venture, Hip Hop Psych, which seeks to reduce stigma about mental illness through education and engagement.