Alexander Auyeung

Research Assistant

Alex is a Master’s Candidate at the School of Social Work. He is pursuing the Advanced Generalist Programming and Practice method (AGPP) with a concentration in Contemporary Social Issues. Alex currently serves as a social work intern at P.S. 399, an elementary school in Brooklyn. In this role, he conducts academic support, counseling, group work, and crisis intervention for children who live in temporary housing. He is currently an associate editor with the Columbia Social Work Review. Alex graduated from Carleton College in 2016, where he majored in cognitive science and minored in Arabic and Educational Studies.

Alex appreciates that the SAFELab pushes the boundaries of social work by exploring its intersections with computer science and technology. Through this work, Alex is interested in understanding and addressing the patterns of oppression that take place online. He hopes to examine how these online interactions influence in-person dynamics.