Digital Scholars Lab

The Digital Scholars Lab (DSL) is a six-week summer fellowship serving as a pipeline for high school and college-aged students from marginalized communities in New York City to enter the field of technology. The fellowship will provide interdisciplinary exposure to technology as a field of study, including tangible research skills used to impact change in their own communities through creative arts, social science, and technology research.

Our 2018 Digital Scholars:

We aim to encourage intellectual independence, creativity, and innovation through an emerging technological framework which stimulates interest in the intersections of technology, social science, and social justice as a career field.

Our Fellows will gain didactic experiences across three (3) modules of study:

  • Becoming a digital citizen
  • Basics and applications of social science research
  • Artificial Intelligence and society¬†

Fellows will design and implement a project of their choosing that utilizes social and data science research skills and integrates their didactic experiential learning. They will receive research and academic mentorship from a collection of social work and data science students, faculty members at Columbia University, and technology practitioners in the greater NYC area. Fellows will not only gain exposure to cutting edge technologies and organizations, but also learn how to engage responsibly with technology, social science and data science research and their application to social justice initiatives.

Our current partners include:

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